Aiguafreda House, 2019

Aiguafreda, Spain

Academic. Four months.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
ARCH 572: Carl Lewis.

A two-story single-family home is projected in Aiguafreda as a second personal residence.

The project is based on the choice of a place through a song or a poem, with the subsequent design and development of a home that meets the personal requirements imposed.

A 1000 square foot house with a bedroom and a bathroom is designed, with an office space with independent access and a large garden that connects the living room and dining room with the Camí de Ronda and its coves.

2019 - Finalist in The Archon Prize

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Piece of furniture designed for the House in Aiguafreda and built in wood in the Woodshop of the University of Illinois.