My name is Carlos and I am an architecture student from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, specifically the Technical School of Architecture of the Vallés [ETSAV] where after a long trip, I am about to graduate.

My story with architecture starts from an early age, with five years, where in an art class I was introduced to Gaudí. The idea of ​​building, then fell within me, where in spare time I enjoyed making small constructions with any material or element, from stones or sand, to the laymen and the virtual world of the computer.

Odoo • Text and Image

It was from the moment of discovering Gaudí and enjoying the construction in the form of entertainment that I understood it, the architecture image had been linked to me, and therefore, like Orestes, I would have to follow my path in this direction, because there was discovered my vocation, my destiny, the Architecture.

But outside the idea of ​​construction and architecture, other hobbies broke through, which have influenced me both in my personal life, as in relationships with family and friends, as in studies.


This phrase by Jane Goodall reminds me that computer science is one of my most beloved hobbies, which I think has partly marked my life. From a young age, at home, we always had a computer, and my parents were the ones who introduced me to the world of computer science, since I was a kid playing games to promote my knowledge, to major challenges such as when I was twelve years old and I entered the world of computer science. creation of web pages.

The creation of websites has given me many attributes to my life, but the first one that I would like to highlight is that I learned that there are an infinite number of programs and tools available to the user in computer science, and therefore, since then I am not afraid of I challenge to start using some program that I don't know, since, with time and effort, I am sure that I will end up knowing how to use it.

The web pages also helped me to begin to elaborate a way of working, more orderly and decisive, having to think before starting work. Although today I keep trying to keep this in mind, you also have to know when you were wrong and you have to start over.

Last but not least, knowledge of the creation of websites opened the door to my first work experience. About to finish high school, my path through the winding world of the Internet had a turning point. First, my basketball team [I will talk about how it has influenced me later] and later a small kitchen and bathroom company entrusted me with the mission of creating their websites. Although the only one that came forward was that of Tacuina, the experience of working side by side with them when developing their website was the most enriching thing that could happen to me. With them, a company that decides on the details and interior design, my perception of aesthetics changed and improved in a certain sense. Besides, I learned that one is always constantly developing and learning.

My most recent experience has been the development of my own website, specifically the one you are seeing right now, to be able to show my projects in a warehouse. As I said before, one is always learning, so, this time I decided to innovate and try a new program, Odoo.


As Scottie Pippen says in his reflection, the biggest challenge one can have is knowing how to fit into a team. The top image represents my team, before one of the most difficult games of the season, being a single group, a single entity facing adversity.

In this regard, basketball has made much of my personality and way of being. The first quality that I want to thank the sport that I love is the team spirit, which I have always had in my life and during the architectural career, coming to think that architecture for me is a team game. Therefore, in this portfolio, I have decided to add group work done throughout the career, where thanks to the team spirit, the virtues of each of the members produced better results for the whole.

Odoo • Text and Image

But not everything is easy in teamwork, another skill that basketball has taught me is that you have to get rid of bad times. The desired result will not always be the desired one, and it is in those moments where one will have to learn from their mistakes and overcome them in order to evolve and grow.

Basketball, like other sports, has also taught me to be constant and orderly. Since I was eight years old, I have been playing basketball, constantly, without losing the desire to continue competing and learning until the last breath.   

EThe order, that set of plays or techniques that are repeated in any sport, after all, serve to order the game, people, mind. The idea of order I understand then, as the driver of my projects, where all of them have a clear order that is broken as the basketball moves in a momentary freedom that helps the resolution of this.


Alone or in company, it is never too late to discover new destinations, new cultures or meet new challenges.

Within the career at ETSAV, I had the fantastic opportunity in 2018 to study abroad, specifically at the University of Illinois, in the United States. 7225 kilometers, or as 4489 miles would say there, far from home, from what was known until then. It was a new experience that has definitely marked my way of thinking and acting, a new way of facing challenges and maturing, both as an architect and as a person.

The experience of living in a new city, Urbana; with people hitherto unknown from different parts of the world and different culture; a new way of understanding architecture, Chicago being the closest city, and a different way of communicating or projecting.

Definitely, my experience in the United States has helped me to open my horizons, showing me new challenges in my life as an architect and as a person. But the fact that has marked me the most as an architect has been the ability to travel around the United States.

With a more recent history to the Europeans, the Americans have had a different point of view of the architecture from the Europeans, and the fact of being there served as an excuse to be able to travel around different cities and natural spaces. These trips, beyond pleasure, have served me to be able to contemplate, analyze and influence my architecture, although I have in mind that I still have a lot of world to go.


Then I get to this point of reflection where I ask myself, and what is architecture for me? Well, for me, architecture consists of a team work,  in which one has to be able to fit. Architecture is also a discipline in constant development, where one must always be able to innovate and learn, and in the face of mistakes, know how to overcome them and move forward, towards new challenges and new horizons. Architecture is knowing how to think in an orderly way, although this order has to be broken momentarily by a creative controlled freedom that serves to discover new answers in the face of the challenges posed.